Best STP Fuel Injector Cleaner

The STP brand has been trusted for over 50 years by both consumers and mechanics alike. From Honda to Toyota, whether you have a foreign or German car like a Mercedes or BMW, STP is one of the top-recommended and rated brands for fuel-injection system cleaning – and for good reason.

Going with a brand like STP, you know that its products are trusted, as they can be cross-used to treat at home maintenance vehicles, such as lawnmowers, and even variously branded and compatible water-craft.

With a selection to meet just about any need, it’s no wonder that the STP-brand has been recognized internationally on television via BBC, and continues to be redeveloped and integrated for cross-vehicle competency to be the top pick for anyone serious about cleaning out and maintaining optimal operation of their fuel-injectors, engine, and acceleration.


STP 17437 Ultra 5-in-1 Fuel System Cleaner – 12 fl. oz.

STP 17437

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This is considered by us one of the best STP Fuel Injector Cleaner on the market!
9.5 Total Score
Best STP Fuel Injector Cleaner

This is considered by us one of the best STP Fuel Injector Cleaner on the market!

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The STP 17437 5 in 1 fuel system cleaner is an optimal product, designed for nearly any type of vehicle. From sedans to trucks, all the way to premium German vehicles such as BMW or Mercedes, the STP 17437 has been proven to produce a smoother idle, and even improve MPG!

The STP 17437 5 in 1 in particular is an especially valuable product and bang for your buck thanks to it’s ability to treat up to 35 gallons. While STP products, fuel injector cleaners in particular are affordable, they’re also produced with premiudam grade synthetics and chemicals, ensuring a smoother, cleaner, and well-performing vehicle through continued use.

To top it all off, STP also offers oil additive treatments, so consider the benefits as other customers have reported up to double increased performance, minimization of hesitation in the engine and transmission, and even faster or more accurate acceleration by using both of these products together!

Determining the most safe, effective fuel system cleaner can be a difficult task. Especially since so many products do not perform as advertised. For over 50 years STP has been servicing its customers, and it’s online feedback in of itself demonstrates its precision design, premium build, and effective usage with nearly any type of vehicle – and even boats or at home lawn-mowers.

Customers have also reported that using this fuel system cleaner regularly triggers check-engine lights to return to normal or shut off. Many customers have even said that – inaccurately displayed – O2 sensors have been resolved by using this STP solvent in particular.



STP 78577 Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner – 5.25 oz., (Pack of 2)

STP 78577

Contains concentrated detergents that help dissolve and remove harmful carbon, gum and varnish deposits on fuel injectors

This super concentrated fuel injector cleaner by STP is great for minimizing and rebalancing vehicle-idling issues. To make it even more unique, customers have reported that the STP 78577 fuel injector cleaning system product is also both effective on water-craft, as well as ATV’s. In particular, restoring and enhancing the performance of ATV’s via their carburetors becomes a breeze!

Sometimes over the years of continued use, and not enough tune-ups or oil and filter changes vehicles begin to act a bit “sluggish” (as most customers describe it). Count on the STP 78577 product to restore and rejuvenate your vehicle so that the so-called “sluggish” symptoms are stomped out for good!

duoMany vehicles, regardless of brand, experience carbon build-up over time and continued use. This, can in turn cause unwanted build-up and damaging amounts of debris, muck, grime, and even water throughout your vehicles fuel injection system.

STP products restore acceleration, idling, and removes build-up such as this by flushing it out of the system. In turn, this would explain why so many customers report using STP fuel system cleaners for 5-10 years straight and ever experiencing, if any, minimal engine troubles or deterioration of performance.

While it’s recommended to ensure using ethanol gas a combination with this fuel system treatment and cleaner, it’s also typically necessary to use 1-3 treatments before really noticing the effects. Customers report that it will likely take between 50-100 miles to truly notice the improvements or changing effects of this fuel system cleaner.

Using the STP 78577 concentrate fuel system cleaner is reported to be quick and easy, so it’s no wonder customers come back for this product and rate it among the top, most effective fuel system cleaners!

Some customers report or believe that they have spark-plug issues, but believe it or not performance, such as pertaining to the ignition or turn-over, can often be related to poor maintenance or build-up of unwanted carbon throughout the fuel injection system, carburetors, and in turn pollution of your engine that’s accumulated over time.


STP 78568 Complete Fuel System Cleaner – 5.25 oz.

Customers choose STP products like the 78568 fuel system cleaner because it really WORKS, and improves driving experience.

STP 78568

Contains the highest level of detergents of any STP formula

A recent BBC television show known as the “Fifth Gear” used the STP fuel system cleaner as one of its test-subjects in an experiment – and it winded up being one of few to actually demonstrate effective use.

Customers have also reported increased MPG between 1-5 MPG, which is an extraordinary restoration or upgrade in performance considering the affordable price of STP’s fuel system cleaners.

71cqwTd0cdL._SL1500_The STP 78568 has been tested and reported by customers to improve horsepower as well – as many as 30HP per vehicle, with only two applications per year! While it’s recommended to use this fuel system cleaner at every refueling, this isn’t necessarily required. Ultimately, it depends on the current state of your engine and its cleanliness. Best of all, your vehicle will let you know when the engine is getting cleaner as performance will undoubtedly improve.

Customers choose STP because it restores performance and quality of engine condition, as well as improves and prevents future damage due to build-up of debris or water in the system – and other harmful agents found in the average gasoline fill-up at the pump.

While STP fuel injection cleaner products are undoubtedly efficient, it’s worth taking into consideration that newer vehicles may not necessarily benefit as much. This is not because the STP product is ineffective per say, but rather because engine gunk-buildup is likely significantly less in newer, or unused vehicles.

However, for vehicles have that been sitting for a while, this is the OPTIMAL product to use as it specializes in cleaning, restoring, and maintaining your vehicles fuel system, injectors, and in turn its performance.

The STP 78568 fuel system cleaner is recommended and recognized by mechanics for being a legitimate cleaner, that’s effective and safe for your vehicle. If you’re looking to improve acceleration and possibly get rid of those unwanted sputtering or knocking noises coming from your engine, then the STP 78568 full fuel system cleaner is the way to go!

Other Considerations

STP is a top-choice brand to go with, as it is built with the most durable, trust-worthy and operationally-sound synthetic chemicals that are sure to improve your vehicle driving experience, the condition of your fuel-injectors, and in-turn prolong the life of your engine. The STP’s 17437 Ultra 5-in-1 Fuel System Cleaner is a perfect example of this, and is one of STP’s most popular sellers.

If you’re looking to condition and improve performance of at-home maintenance vehicles such as a lawnmower, or even an outback sporting vehicle like an ATV, then the STP 78577 Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner is a perfect selection for getting the most out of, and protecting your engine and injection fuel system in various vehicles and at-home machinery. The 78577 STP fuel injection system cleaner is especially known for its ability to improve “sluggishly” responsive and operating vehicles, so no matter how many or few miles your vehicle has, you can improve your experience and performance – quickly and safely, with a trusted by mechanics solution.

For those looking to improve both fuel-economy and horsepower response, STP’s 78568 Complete Fuel System Cleaner product has been shown to be consistent in delivering both. Most sputtering and knocking noises from the engine due to build-up of water or carbon in your fuel system have been reported to literally disintegrate in as little as three applications!

Customers have reported improvement and little to no engine troubles for as much as 10 years or more thanks to trusting the consistent use of STP fuel injector cleaning products and regular maintenance.


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