Best OTC Fuel Injector Cleaner

OTC 7000A-1 ‘Pro Inject-R Kleen’ Fuel Injector Cleaner – 16 oz.

OTC 7000A-1

Thoroughly cleans injectors to restore spray pattern, prevent recurring deposits, and reduce intake valve and port deposits

This is considered by us the best OTC Fuel Injector Cleaner!
9.5 Total Score
Best OTC Fuel Injector Cleaner

This is considered by us the best OTC Fuel Injector Cleaner!

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Every vehicle relies on the contributions of regular maintenance, reasonable use, and certain levels of “abuse” via it’s transmission, engine, and other parts critical parts – both big and small. Abuse in this instance more or less meaning “use”, over prolonged periods of time, or perhaps over excessive usage of acceleration, stopping, engine-demands, and even aggressively hitting high RPM’s on a regular basis- taking your vehicle to it’s maximum potential.

Doing this, although fair-play as long as it’s under the red RPM line is considered “safe”, but it’s not something that many everyday commuter cars and brands like Toyota or Honda for example are designed to take the stress of. Also, in addition to all of these critical moving parts and roles your vehicle is responsible for, it’s worth considering the necessity and value of using the appropriate lubricants, and adding or changing them as necessary – such as in the case of this accompanying OTC 7000A-1 ‘Pro Inject-R Kleen’ Fuel Injector Cleaner product.

Over time – even with regular maintenance – the engine naturally takes on wear, as well as the starter-system, fuel injectors, and system. How well your engine is delivered power and fuel depends on the condition of your fuel injection system, it’s use, and maintenance. Your vehicles engine relies on clean, consistently firing pistons, as well as an overall reasonably clean fuel reservoir and connecting flow of constant injections of fuel without debris or moisture buildup getting in the way.

41r830W2p+LFor vehicle owners that have had their cars for 150,000-200,000 miles or more, or simply those with lower miles but heavier than usual use, some negative reactions in your vehicle may be experienced overtime.

Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Hesitation in startup and acceleration due to the starter system taking on wear and abuse
  • Poor idling and RPM response, especially in cold weather
  • A lack of ability to prepare for and adequately accelerate up inclines with necessary horsepower
  • A sputtering engine, or one that cranks, creaks, or makes other unusual, and unwanted noises
  • An engine that appears to have become weakened over the years of and miles of use
  • Repeat unusual behavior of O2 and engine sensor lights flickering or staying on even past trouble-shooting or tune up efforts

Car owners may become intimidated by these problems, understandably, and even through regular maintenance can still continue to experience these issues later on. While it may not solve your problems 100% of the time, utilizing well reputed fuel injector system cleaners, and aids for fuel injection system cleaning products such as this OTC 7000A-1 ‘Pro Inject-R Kleen’ product make sense and might be necessary. This can lead to a lot of savings at the shop and unwanted headaches down the line. Nobody wants to deal with an unruly or unresponsive vehicle, no matter the brand, age, or mileage.

With the OTC 7000A-1 ‘Pro Inject-R Kleen’ it’s as simple as accompanying this with another (primary) OTC fuel injection system cleaner and using an AC flush gun to back feed the fluids as necessary through the pressure test port using shop-air, or, simply having this done at the shop and by a mechanic.

Customers that even have upwards of 200,000 miles or more have reported that as little as one application of this OTC product can dramatically improve idle and smoothness in shifting gears, acceleration, and improve hesitation in the engine. This fuel injection system cleaner has also been known to help repair or stop misses, and it’s no wonder why considering this company is owned by Bosch. Bosch, which just so happens to be a major, well-reputed fuel injector manufacturer.


Bosch was actually the first to supply fuel injection system cleaning products to Mercedes and is well trusted among both major, licensed mechanics and dealerships from Hondas to BMW’s. Who wouldn’t trust a name-brand and company that was responsible for creating the first Mercedes road-vehicle? The 300SL Gullwing.

Thanks to it’s cleaning compounds and chemicals this OTC 7000A-1 ‘Pro Inject-R Kleen’ Fuel Injector Cleaner is perfect for restoring spray patterns, preventing, and treating recurring, unwanted debris build-up, moisture, and other deposits. This product, in combination with a typical fuel injector system cleaner is also catalytic converter and O2 sensor-friendly, which increases it’s appeal for vehicle owners.

Consumers can maximize their investment and approach to improve, restore, and prevent unwanted wear and tear on their vehicles fuel injection and engine system that occurs over time in relying on this accompanying OTC fuel injector product with a normal canister-style fuel injector cleaner. Just make sure you do not put this directly into your gas tank, as that’s not what it’s designed for and will diminish results.

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