Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner

A diesel fuel injector cleaner is a pour-in solution that comes in a small container that can treat the diesel fuel used in the engine. The products are designed to restore the mileage that is possible when filling up with a tank of diesel fuel. The Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner is what we feel is the best overall product in this category.

The main issue with diesel engines is that dirty fuel sources, unclean fuel systems at the diesel station, and the burn off from oil inside the diesel engine cause a carbon build up of dirty deposits. These dirty deposits can cover the components causing additional friction between the moving parts and also clog up the tip of injectors which prevent the smooth distribution of diesel fuel throughout the engine.

The result is a diesel engine that under-performs its capability with excess smoke coming through the exhaust, a stuttering engine, water buildup around the engine, and a combustion system that mars good engine performance.

The Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner reviews that follow cover the best overall product, the best one for the money, and the cheapest product that provides an acceptable value at a lower price.


Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner

BG244 Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Unmatched in the industry, BG's line of diesel fuel products and equipment can restore diesel fuel economy or solve nearly any diesel fuel system issue.

This is considered by us the best Diesel fuel injector cleaner on the market!
9.2 Total Score
Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner

This is considered by us the best Diesel fuel injector cleaner on the market!

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The BG 244 Diesel Fuel System Cleaner is our overall winner in the best diesel fuel injector cleaner category.

The BG 244 pour-in solution comes in an 11 ounce bottle for diesel engines. The same company behind the 244 product – BG – also have their BG 44K product intended as a fuel system cleaner for gasoline-only engines, which won in our best fuel system cleaner category. Clearly, the company is doing something right here.

dizalThe same carbon deposits that are left in gasoline engines also affect diesel engines in a similar manner. The engine helps to build up deposits from burnt off oil as a result of the operational process. The combustion system despite needing to work with, by nature, impure energy materials (oil, diesel fuel, etc.) still need to be relatively clean, otherwise this leads to sub-par performance characteristics which soon becomes noticeable to drivers. The issues that arise from a dirty engine include engine misfires, sluggish performance (especially during the warm up phase), and stuttering engines while idling at the side of the road.

The BG 244 diesel fuel injector solution is designed to clean the engine thoroughly of contaminating collected deposits, from the fuel injectors and intake valves right through to the ports and combustion chambers too.

Once the liquid fuel additive has been applied to the diesel tank in the correct measurement mix relative to the diesel fuel in the tank already, a road trip of 20 to 25 miles is usually needed to begin to notice the results of the application of this fuel injector cleaner product.

A single 11 ounce can may be used to treat 15 gallons of diesel fuel. However, a lesser amount of diesel can be treated (it is up to the owner of the vehicle how much liquid treatment they wish to apply). As a result, a can of this fuel additive can last across several treatment cycles depending on the amount used. It is useful to treat the diesel fuel injector system every 7,000 to 9,000 miles to maintain the fuel injector system to the same standard.

By treating the fuel injector system with BG 244 Diesel Fuel System Cleaner, it is possible to avoid the need to completely replace the fuel injectors before at least 20,000 miles has been clocked up, and possibly more. Outside of assuming that the fuel injectors need replacing, which can be quite expensive, using the BG 244 product to clean fuel injectors thoroughly can act to help clarify whether performance subsequently improves or if the fuel injectors do indeed need replacing after all.


Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner for the money

The Royal Purple 11755 Max-Tane Total Diesel Fuel Performance product is the winner of our best diesel fuel injector cleaner for the money category.

Royal Purple 11755 Max-Tane Total Diesel Fuel

Cleans deposits from fuel injectors, carbs, combustion chambers, intake valves deposits and piston crowns

One of the attractive features of this product is its compatibility with grade #1 diesel fuel, grade #2 diesel fuel, ultra low sulfur diesel and biodiesel. This covers a number of different types of diesel engines, including ones that use commercial diesel engines like tractors, power generators, and other equipment.

This product is also cleared for use with catalytic converters, specialized diesel exhaust emission setups, and particulate filters for diesel engines.

71paQRjv4gL._SL1500_Dirty carbon deposits, which built up from oil burn off and diesel fuel usage, can be cleaned from the engine, the fuel injectors, carburetor, intake valves, piston crowns, and combustion chambers using Max-Tane Total Diesel Fuel Performance.

Following the application of this cleaning liquid for improved fuel injector performance, the fuel injectors and other parts of the engine experience better reliability over time. The engine will start faster, warm up well and don’t fail to start as often in cold or harsh conditions. The engine has to work less to deliver more power, which results in improved fuel efficiency on the road of 5 to 10 percent providing a cost saving greater than the price of the product itself. A clear “win win.” Lost lubricity is replaced following an application of Total Diesel that helps create a smoother running engine, longer life for engine components, and reduced smoke-filled exhaust emissions.

The product comes in a 20 ounce can. The correct mix is a single ounce of Max-Tane Total Diesel Fuel Performance for every 5 gallons of diesel fuel. For significantly improved performance, it is possible to use a single ounce measurement of Total Diesel for every 2 gallons of diesel fuel. When uncertain of the size of the fuel tank, any estimates should be rounded upwards to ensure applications of this fuel injector cleaner are not too potent and will cause damage.

There is also a 10 ounce version in a can for vehicle owners who don’t wish to use the full 20 ounce can in a single application.


Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner on a budget

The Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment product is our winner in the best diesel fuel injector cleaner on a budget category.

Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment

Increases power and miles per gallon by burning excess exhaust emissions

This fuel injector cleaning product is a little different, because it will treat engines using either diesel or gasoline-based fuel, regardless. In most cases, products are either suitable for gasoline or diesel, but usually not both. As such, a family that owns both a diesel and gasoline powered vehicles might like this product, not only for its affordability, but also the convenience of using a single product solution.

618bPoon3BL._SL1245_Whether the engine is fuel injected or carbureted, this liquid solution has a blend of oils that will lubricate the engine after the cleaning work is done. First, though, the additives with their strong detergents get to work cleaning the engine and its functioning components. Fuel injectors, the carburetor and other engine parts are cleaned of the engine oil deposits, which stick to the injectors, blocking them and causing issues such as engine misfires, slow starts on cold mornings, lower miles per gallon, and more.

Often times, it is the type of fuel that acts as a pollutant to the engine. Occasionally, the gas station has unclean equipment with contaminants that flow into the tank when filling up with gasoline or diesel. Either way, the Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment product can clean the fuel of these issues. It is fully capable of acting as a neutralizer for low sulfur fuel as well, so it can clean impure fuel that has been added to the tank, which the vehicle owner may be concerned about too.

The lubrication that is included in the mixture within this Lucas product coats the cleaned engine parts. This helps the parts to move easily, with less friction,  and avoids early wear down of these components.

The cleaning and lubrication also reduce smoke-filled exhaust emissions with the dirty deposits no longer present or expelled through the exhaust. A problem of a backfiring exhaust, a refusal of the engine to start successfully on cold mornings, and other issues relating to a dirty engine get resolved when using this Lucas upper cylinder lubricant and cleaner.

Why you need a Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner

A diesel or gasoline fueled engine burns through fuel and with use sees a build up of sticky carbon deposits which act to clog up engine parts, slow down their general operation, and create an unclean engine system. This leads to problems with the fuel injectors, where the tips become dirty preventing their proper operation, with other engine parts also suffering related issues.

dizalWhilst some vehicle owners will seek to resolve problems associated with dirty deposits through a lubrication solution alone, this only covers over the issue. Engine component parts will indeed move more smoothly post-lubrication, but the dirty deposits will still be there once the lubrication is no longer present.

A diesel fuel injector cleaner can be used by vehicle owners to clean an engine between services, to avoid the breakdown of the vehicle through defective fuel injectors, poorly performing combustion chambers, and other areas of the engine system breaking down.

Fuel injector cleaners can also include a lubricant to help the engine parts operate like new once again, but this is something which needs to come after the main cleaning process is complete. In some cases, a diesel fuel injector cleaning will include detergents to clean, as well as a lubricant, which can be sufficient. In other cases, the purchase of a good engine lubricant is all that is needed, but this should be applied after using a diesel fuel injection cleaner, for the best results.

A better fuel efficiency profile is achieved when using a fuel injector cleaner. This is because the engine is no longer slowed down by dirty deposits. The engine is free to fire and operate efficiency, which helps the fuel supply to be used more sparingly when delivering the same amount of power to the driver. The cost savings here alone usually more than pay for the expense of a semi-regular application of a fuel injector cleaning solution which makes it a “no-brainer” to buy this type of product for a car, truck, tractor, generator or other equipment that uses diesel.

In terms of picking out a great diesel fuel injector cleaner beyond our own recommendations, look for a trusted brand that has offered the same, or similar fuel injector cleaning products, for several years. In many cases, these companies have produced a similar product for decades with drivers swearing by their use.

What makes a great Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner – Buyer’s Guide

When putting a vehicle in for a service, one of the things that gets looked at closely is the engine and how it is performing. Spark plugs can go wrong, fuel injectors can get clogged up with engine oil remnants, and these types of functional issues need to be resolved. Outside of a service period, it is solely up to the vehicle owner to take care of their vehicle.

A related saying is worth mentioning here:

“Take care of your gear and your gear will take care of you.”

This applies equally to any vehicles or machinery, but is applicable to vehicles, particularly where the owner uses it every day to drive to work and will be significantly inconvenienced should the vehicle be out of action for one or more days. Under such circumstances, taking care of fuel injection and engine systems becomes critical because the engine drives the vehicle forward and without its functioning, the viability of all other parts and systems operating on the vehicle matter not.

The best diesel fuel injector cleaner is one that offers a viable way to clean the fuel injection, combustion chambers, and other parts of engine operations. These very parts suffer over a sustained period from excessive use without removal of the contaminants that build up, leaving a layer of sticky residue that slows down engine operations. The carbon deposits also result in lower mileage per gallon, engine misfires, and difficulties with engine starts in the early morning. Even leaving the engine idling by the road side is affected when the engine is unclean.

A good fuel injector cleaner is capable of treating large amounts of diesel fuel that is already in the tank. This may not be the standard way to use the product, however, it can be a useful way to treat known dirty fuel sources, process them and rid them from the fuel tank without causing engine damage.

Exhaust emissions are a hot button issue presently with environmental and local health concerns for people walking on the roads where vehicles are being used. One benefit of a good fuel injector cleaner is that it will avoid putting unnecessary carbon deposits into the air and later the atmosphere.

The cleaned engine system helps to improve fuel economy, because the vehicle no longer needs to work as hard to generate the same amount of power to the vehicle. This can result in a 5-10 percent saving in fuel when using a powerful fuel injector cleaner with enough additives and detergent power to clean the engine systems efficiently.

Lubrication is the final area where a fuel injector cleaner can deliver something extra. Rather than only being a fuel injector cleaner, some products include a lubrication solution within the product that coats the engine component parts once they’ve been satisfactorily cleaned. This lubrication ensures the parts move smoothly, using the least amount of force to do so, making the engine more efficient overall. It also avoids the engine parts wearing out sooner rather than later, because the oils within a cleaning product are slick enough to coat the parts well by the completion of the treatment fuel cycle.


Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner – Full Review

BG 244K is our best diesel fuel injector cleaner overall category winner.

BG244 Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Unmatched in the industry, BG's line of diesel fuel products and equipment can restore diesel fuel economy or solve nearly any diesel fuel system issue.

BG has a well regarded range of both diesel and gasoline products that can improve the functioning of diesel and gasoline engines. Their BG 244K product is for diesel engines only and provides the same excellent features of the gasoline version. The company has been offering fuel injection cleaner products for decades, which provides a good starting off point for anyone looking for this type of item.

This is a fuel additive liquid that gets added to the diesel in the tank in the appropriate measurement. The single 11 ounce can may treat up to 15 gallons of diesel fuel, with a lesser amount treating a proportionally smaller amount of diesel. It is a good idea to either verify accurately how much diesel is left in the tank or to first empty the tank through usage, then fill up to a known level in order that the correct measurement of BG 244K can be added to the diesel tank.

81aUVE9ieHL._SL1500_Whilst the main intention behind this product is to act as a cleaner to remove a build up of carbon deposits in the combustion chambers and elsewhere in the engine system of a vehicle, tractor, generator or other commercial equipment, it can also be used simply to deal with dirty fuel. Alternatively, low sulfur diesel that could cause a problem to the engine and has already been added to the fuel tank before it was known the source of the diesel was suspect, can be treated to prevent it creating dirty exhaust emissions that breach federal standards. This can certainly be a more affordable solution than paying a garage to drain a tank of suspect diesel before it is used.

Carbon deposits are the main problem when running a diesel engine over a period of time. Any combination of dirty equipment at a fuel fill up station, low quality diesel, low sulfur diesel and the remnants of extended use, may all act as a catalyst for problems in the engine parts. Fuel injector tips get blocked,  ports and intake valves, stop functioning, and combustion chambers get filled with dirty carbon, which can be cleaned when using BG 244K. This fuel additive also complies with U.S Federal low sulfur content standards that apply to motor vehicles fitted with diesel engines.

Water found in the tank can also be happily resolved when using this product.
Whether a mistake was made adding water or rainwater simply fell into the tank when the fuel cap was off during a night of rain, either way, our category winner can handle the issue without a problem.

Applying the mixture into the fuel tank is easy enough. It can be useful to use a funnel to safely pour the appropriate amount of BG 244K into the diesel tank whilst being careful not to let any of the liquid touch the skin, eyes, or other sensitive areas. Following use, the bottle should be securely stored away to prevent accidental spillage and hidden from curious kids with sticky fingers; something for parents and grandparents to keep in mind. It is recommended that BG 244 is used on a tank every 7,000 to 9,000 miles.


It will take one or more lengthy drivers to use up the treated diesel in the tank. Following the full processing of the treated fuel, the engine should begin to exhibit the signs of having been cleaned. Any problem with idling will likely be resolved with a calming hum of the engine, rather than an occasional spluttering or cutting out of the engine. Similarly, starts on cold early mornings will be handled more adroitly than previously; essentially being cleaner, the engine is now able to perform at its best.

For drivers who put on serious miles each month, they’ll be happy to learn that fuel consumption is likely to be marginally improved when using this product. This is due to the engine running more smoothly, which gets the most out of the diesel fuel source. The savings are meaningful enough that it often pays for the cost of buying BG 244K which is one of the more expensive diesel fuel injector cleaner products, but worth the price of admission.

With households that own both diesel- and gasoline-fueled vehicles, they’ll need to buy a fuel injector cleaner for their diesel and a separate one for their gasoline vehicles, unless they can choose our budget category winner, Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment, which is suitable for both types of fuel sources.

90 %
95 %

Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner for the money – Full Review

The Royal Purple 11755 Max-Tane Total Diesel Fuel Performance is our best diesel fuel injector cleaner for the money category winner.

Royal Purple 11755 Max-Tane Total Diesel Fuel

Cleans deposits from fuel injectors, carbs, combustion chambers, intake valves deposits and piston crowns

This fuel injector cleaner product is a good one for vehicle or van owners and people who have diesel-based equipment, who are looking for a way to effectively clean the fuel injectors, combustion chambers, piston crowns, intake valves, and carburetor through a fuel additive. The use of this product can avoid the need to take the vehicle or other equipment in for a service ahead of the scheduled date for problems only relating to carbon deposit buildup.

Idling on the side of the street, while waiting to pick someone up, is smoother with a calmer “purr,” rather than a worrisome rumbling sound, once the engine system has been fully cleaned out.

On cold mornings, drivers will be pleased that they’ve used this product to improve engine performance before the vehicle had to try a cold start. Whilst any fuel injector cleaner is not intended to be one designed for freezing temperatures or winter weather, it does permit engines to perform better under less than ideal circumstances.

41AukA260oL._AC_UL320_SR286,320_Cold flow is also improved through the use of Max-Tane Total Diesel Fuel Performance with the stopping of a gel build up problem occurring later on.

The complete fuel system is pushed forward through the lubrication that is present in this fuel additive. Additional lubricity, once the engine parts have been suitably cleaned, ensures that the engine can operate efficiently whilst avoiding excessive wear due to a lack of lubricity on key engine component parts.

The cetane number can be increased by up to 8 points when using Max-Tane Total Diesel Fuel Performance. The cetane number relates to the amount of time delay with fuel ignition when first starting a diesel engine. This also opens up the possibility of using higher octane fuel to deliver faster starts through improved combustion.

Total Diesel Fuel Performance may be used with different types of diesel fuel, including ones that are lower grade. Biodiesel, low sulfur, ultra low sulfur diesel, #1 diesel fuel, and #2 diesel fuel are all compatible with this product. Unusually for products in this category, it is also compatible with high pressure common rail diesel injector systems. Both particulate filters and catalytic convertors both present no problem for use with the Total Diesel product too. However, it is not compatible with diesel exhaust fluid, so they should never be mixed together.

This version of the product comes in a 20 ounce container that can treat up to 100 gallons of diesel fuel. There is also a 10 ounce version that can treat 50 gallons of fuel, which is perfectly adequate for a quick cleaning process for a diesel engine. It is also possible to increase the mix of fuel additive to diesel fuel, up to a one ounce for two gallons of diesel, but this is only for engines that are known to not have been cleaned for many months or longer, and are having major issues with engine misfires, shaking, stalling out, etc.

51vlKwSkwFL._SX355_The cost saving nature of improved engine performance is evident here with up to a 10 percent improvement in fuel efficiency once the product has been added to the fuel tank in the appropriate amount. The engine runs through the treated fuel until the engine has been fully cleaned. Both the cleaning process and improvements in MPG do not happen overnight.

Sometimes several journeys are necessary to clear all the treated diesel fuel in order to begin to see how the vehicle is functioning post-treatment. Therefore, this is not an instant gratification product, however, the benefits do become obvious shortly after the fuel additive has been fully processed.

98 %
90 %

Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner on a budget– Full Review

The Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment is our best diesel fuel injector cleaner on a budget category winner.

Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment

Increases power and miles per gallon by burning excess exhaust emissions

What makes this final fuel additive product a real steal is that it is cheap and it also can be used both in diesel and gasoline engines. This is pretty unusual for a fuel injector cleaner product in the marketplace. For anyone who owns two vehicles, one a diesel and the other which runs on gasoline, they will be grateful for the choice to have a single product solution to their fuel injector and engine cleaning needs.

The Lucas 10010 Fuel Treatment product also comes in a number of convenient sizes, which aids budget-minded vehicle owners who don’t wish to buy more than they need on a first try of the product. It is possible to buy smaller versions of this Lucas product for a single application, rather than needing to purchase a large container.

618bPoon3BL._SL1245_The container in this case is not a medal bottle, but actually a clear plastic one with a white label that likely will peel off at some point. People buying the larger one gallon container for the cost savings may wish to think about creating a separate label for it, rather than expecting the label to stay on.

The product is marked on the label as an upper cylinder lubricant, which is exactly right. It also has injector cleaners and is capable of cleaning a fuel supply that is partially contaminated and needs to be purified before running the fuel through the engine.

The mix of detergents present in Lucas 10010 Fuel Treatment gets to work cleaning the engine parts. Everything from the carburetor to the intake valves to the fuel injectors gets some of the cleaning solution applied to it as the engine runs and the diesel (or gasoline) fuel moves through the fuel system. The detergents are strong enough to strip away carbon deposits that have built up inside the combustion chambers, on the tips of the fuel injectors and elsewhere. Anywhere in the engine system where dirt, grime, carbon and other deposits have built up, that are impeding full throated engine performance, get removed with this product.

Depending on the engine part that has picked up carbon deposits and other dirt, a cleaning cycle with this Lucas product does an effective job of removing engine functionality issues, like difficulties idling successfully, poor cold starts in the morning, engine sputtering or misfiring, etc.

When using low sulfur fuel, this Lucas product can also do an excellent job of neutralizing problems with low sulfur fuel by filtering it to make it acceptable for use. Clearly not an ideal solution, but should a driver fill up by mistake with low sulfur fuel, they can use this Lucas 10013 fuel additive to work around the problem until the fuel has been fully used up. Certainly a nice little extra for drivers of vehicles with diesel engines who are not always as careful as they might be about what diesel fuel they are filling their tank up with.

41unJjJSvPL._AC_UL320_SR160,320_This fuel injector cleaner can be used with leaded fuel. It can manage the lead in the gasoline fuel to mitigate its damaging effects, while avoiding the dangerous lead-based emissions. For drivers needing to get through smog tests, using the Lucas 10010 Fuel Treatment product can be helpful in reducing emissions during the testing period. In this instance, it would be a good idea to drive around first to let some of the treated fuel run through the engine successfully so that the cleaning process can be completed first. This will also help with the level of emissions being released outside of the issue of lead in the gasoline supply.

The Lucas 10010 product also includes a blend of slick oils with some additives that collectively act as lubricants for the engine parts. Once the engine has been thoroughly cleaned, this layer of additive rich oils ensures that the parts will operate smoothly. This results in experiencing fewer difficulties with engine performance, which can save money with unnecessary servicing appointments to have a mechanic clean or replace parts that might have been cleaned with a fuel injector cleaner product at a far lower cost.

The Lucas 10010 Fuel Treatment product is an easy winner in our best diesel fuel injector cleaner on a budget category, because it delivers on both features and price. It can be bought in bulk, stored for months or years, and used on a regular basis in both diesel and gasoline engines. The inclusion of the additives and slick oils to lubricate the engine, after the cleaning process is completed, is really the icing on the cake.

97 %
90 %

Other Considerations

The recommended products are fuel additives intended for diesel engines that are experiencing some difficulties with their basic everyday functionality.

Carbon deposits are a menace to the effective running of a diesel engine whether the engine is in a car, a van, a power generator, or a tractor. Low sulfur diesel fuel can create its own problems in this regard. Carbon deposits buildup on the tip of the fuel injectors, inside the combustion chambers and the other parts of the engine system, causing difficulty in its proper running.

man-pumping-gas-into-carThe BG244 Diesel Fuel System Cleaner, the Royal Purple 11755 Max-Tane Total Diesel Fuel Performance or the Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment products each provide sufficient detergent solvents to clean inside a diesel system. The Lucas product comes with the added benefit of being suitable for both diesel and gasoline engines, whereas the Royal Purple and BG products are specifically for diesel engines and will cause damage to any gasoline engines.

Lubricity is an important issue for diesel systems. When a lubricant is included with the cleaning product, it offers a way to improve the functioning of the engine once it has been successfully cleaned. When a recommended fuel injector cleaning product lacks lubrication, it is a good idea to purchase a separate lubricant to be used only once a cleaning solution has been applied to  tread the diesel fuel and has been allowed to fully run through the engine system. Only at this juncture should a separate lubricant be applied to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the cleaning process.

Getting the measurement level right, between the fuel in the tank and the amount of diesel fuel injector cleaner to add to the fuel, is vital. Too little and the cleaning process will be less effective because it is working with too few cleaning detergents to be effective. Too much and the engine parts will be exposed to a stronger mix of oils and cleaning solvents than is safe, which could cause damage to some of these parts. For this reason, it can be a good idea to use a measuring cup to ensure the correct amount of fuel additive is used.

An unclean diesel fuel injector system, and other associated parts of an engine, play a critical role in the full functioning of any diesel-powered vehicle or equipment. The best diesel fuel injector cleaner, whether the best for the money, the best on a budget or the best overall, is the one that cleans fuel injectors and other parts of the engine effectively, before replacement parts are required due to a complete lack of maintenance.

Taking care of your vehicle outside of the service window is necessary, not only to enjoy the highest performance possible, but also to apply easy-to-use preventative maintenance. Along with thoroughly cleaning a vehicle’s exterior and semi-regular oil changes, cleaning the fuel injectors and other parts of the engine with a diesel fuel injector cleaner every few thousand miles is simply good practice. Choose one of the recommend products above that most suits your vehicle’s needs and you’ll be set.


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