Best Diesel Fuel Additive

A diesel engine is actually fairly dirty as an engine that drives a diesel-fueled vehicle. This results in the need to regularly service a diesel engine whether it is fitted in a car, a truck, a tractor, or a diesel-fed generator.

Outside of the servicing schedule, nasty deposits build up that can only be removed by using the best diesel fuel additive to remove them. The deposits coat the machine parts which creates stiction. This is a situation where any part’s easy movement is slowed down by the dirty coating which creates a situation similar to a person trying to walk through a mud pool; they move forward, but in a sluggish, slower manner than they would be able to do when walking freely. A similar outcome happens when diesel engines suffer engine oil burn off, which creates the aforementioned dirty deposits on engine parts.

The internal parts of the engine machinery need to be cleaned regularly to help improve the speed and efficiency of the engine. The lines, tank and injectors can all benefit from the use of a diesel fuel additive that cleans internally without causing any damaging effects to the engine component parts that will be treated. Sometimes these cleaners can also offer a lubrication benefit too, however, that is not always the case and separate lubricant products may offer a better result in this area. In general, a lubricant can improve the smooth running of an engine, but it will only cover over issues like dirty deposits that are best cleaned first using a liquid that attacks stiction and unclean engines effectively.

The Best Diesel Fuel Additive reviews are provided below to offer our readers useful recommendations of the best diesel fuel additive for the money, the best diesel fuel additive on a budget, and the overall winner when money and selection are not a factor. We do this to cater to the needs of all diesel-powered vehicle owners and owners of commercial vehicles or diesel-powered equipment who are reading this review.


Best Diesel Fuel Additive

Hot Shot's Secret DDD Diesel Oil and Fuel Additive

Reduced Frictional Drag & Lifter and Valve Noise

This is considered by us the best diesel fuel additive on the market!
9.1 Total Score
Best Diesel Fuel Additive 2016

This is considered by us the best diesel fuel additive on the market!

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Our best diesel fuel additive is Hot Shot’s Secret DDD Diesel Oil and Fuel Additive. This is actually two different products bundled together, both with the Hot Shot’s Secret brand. The products are the Hot Shots Secret Stiction Eliminator and the Hot Shots Secret Diesel Extreme.

Let’s start with the Hot Shots Secret Stiction Eliminator. This product has been created to remove stiction in diesel engines (as with all the products featured in this review, it is not to be used in gasoline engines under any circumstances).

Diesel engine parts move during the regular use of said engine. The piston also moves and the heat generated is extreme during use, which burns off engine oil that adds sticky deposits around important engine parts. Power stroke engines use high pressure oil which can be worse for adding a layer of deposits that built up around the injector circuit in particular.


The Hot Shots Stiction Eliminator is designed to tackle this very issue in a non-corrosive manner. Just adding the correct measurement of this product to the diesel fuel tank of a car, truck, van, or other diesel-based equipment helps to improve the smooth movement of the different parts of the engine, due to the removal of residue cover the parts, which has been impeding smooth operations.

The Hot Shots Diesel Extreme fuel additive is their sister product, which is included in the bundle. This product is designed to clean the inside of the engine. Excessive wear takes its toll on the parts of the engine, but using a cleaner can help reduce unnecessary friction which can extend the useful life of the component parts. With a dirty engine, it can cause problems with a sputtering engine performance, a noisy valve, and an exhaust which has issues with noise and smoke emissions levels too.

This fuel additive is also found to be helpful with MPG. We’re only talking a 5-10% improvement here, but that adds up to pleasing cost savings over time. The ability to idle more easily while waiting to pick someone up from the store without the engine cutting out can also be attributed to this fuel additive, which cleans engines internally helping them avoid stalling as often.


Best Diesel Fuel Additive for the money

The Stanadyne Diesel Performance Formula is a comprehensive solution to a number of problems that can typically build up in diesel-based engines over time. This product does so at a price that is reasonable for what it delivers, while not sacrificing results.


Cleans and Protects Injectors and Other Components

This product will protect the engine and its component parts by cleaning inside to remove deposits from the injection system, including the pumps, nozzles, injectors and other aspects.

The Cetane number can be improved, which can make a diesel engine more responsive when first starting or moving off from a set of traffic lights. A higher Cetane number indicates a faster ignition performance and use of this product can restore the full Cetane capability of a given diesel engine.

The result of using the best diesel fuel additive for the money will result in not only cost savings through a less expensive product, but it will also pay for itself too. Fuel consumption is improved following use of the product, with a 4 to 9 percent improvement, depending on the engine.

619oTogPdlL._SL1054_Whatever the horsepower capacity of the engine, deposits from oil burn off gum up the works and reduce its capacity. With a cleaned engine, the combustion is better which delivers faster acceleration from a standing start or to quickly avoid potential road collisions, plus the improved torque and greater power aren’t bad either.

For drivers who suffer through cold winters, this fuel additive improves both the cold filter plug point and the diesel pour point. There is also a preventative mixture that mitigates issues with potential corrosion and rust.

In keeping with the requirement and desire to run an engine that pollutes less, cleaning an engine with Stanadyne Diesel Performance Formula cuts emissions because with a cleaner engine, less smoke and dirty particulates get emitted.

Water built up in and around the engine parts can be a problem over the long-term. A demulsifier within the product helps to isolate water. This ensures that water is removed before it can cause any difficulties or damage to the combustion system.

The product is also helpful by adding lubricity to either low lubricity or extremely low sulfur diesel fuels. Oxidation can create a gum that can build up when filling up the diesel tank; this fuel additive can ensure fuel is cleaner with under 8 oz of the product able to effectively clean 30 gallons of diesel fuel. It is also possible to use this cleaner with bio diesel fuel sources up to B20 level (signifying a 20 percent bio fuel mixture). The ability to separate water is also possible up to this mixture level of bio fuel.


Best Diesel Fuel Additive on a budget

The Power Service + Cetane Boost Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive (03080-06) is the best product for budget conscious owners of a diesel powered engine in a car, truck, SUV, tractor, generator, or other diesel-based commercial machinery.

Power Service 03080-06 +Cetane Boost Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive

Cleans dirty injectors and prevents injector sticking in all engines, including High Pressure Common Rail systems

This product is effective at avoiding the need to replace expensive injectors that only need cleaning. It can stop injectors from sticking in engines which causes a variety of operational problems.

Cleaning a diesel engine and its associated parts improves the general operation of the engine. The loss of horse power resulting from a dirty engine is resolved with a noticeable improvement in performance. This is particularly useful for standing starts and when needing a sudden boost in acceleration to avoid a problem ahead on the road.

41q1PDjz40LThe Cetane number, which relates to combustion speed for diesel fuel, can be boosted up to six levels. This helps engines to perform well without a sudden power lag issue. The unfortunate requirement to downshift when carrying higher loads is a less common occurrence too. With the engine running more smoothly, cold starts are handled with grace.

With a cleaner engine, fever dirty particulates are expelled through the exhaust, which neighbors and other people nearby will surely appreciate too.

This product is one that can be used throughout the year. It is not a winter-izer product for a vehicle, but it does help engines handle the cold better through improved performance, all things being equal. A better performing engine is able to handle colder conditions more than an already poorly performing engine that is already suffering.

Fuel efficiency is one of the main cost savings when using the Power Service + Cetane Boost Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive product. With engines running cleaner, less energy is expended to deliver the same amount of power. Up to 8 percent of fuel can be saved, which can mean that the fuel savings are greater than the cost of this budget priced product.

Beyond its cleaning abilities, there is also a lubrication included which coats the injectors and pumps to reduce wear over time. This can reduce the instances of needing to replace parts because they’ve either worn down or completely worn out.

The Power Service + Cetane Boost Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive can be used on diesel exhausts that originate from 2007 or later. It is usable on bio diesel, bio diesel blended fuels, ultra low sulfur diesel, and other types of diesel fuel. It should never be used with gasoline-based engines.

Why you need a Best Diesel Fuel Additive

The best diesel fuel additive is one that can remove stiction from the engine parts. A layer of residue builds up through the engine machinery during use, typically when engine oil is used to help drive the piston, which leaves behind a sticky substance. This serves to slow down – gum up the works essentially – throughout the engine as the situation worsens. An effective diesel fuel additive can be used to remove this gummy residue which helps to make the various engine parts run more smoothly.

A diesel fuel additive can also have cleaning properties. These types of products can clean residue from the lines, the injectors and the tank itself. Moisture can also be removed and also water build up too. Some diesel cleaners also have anti-oxidants included which are specially formulated for diesel engines and cannot be used on gasoline engines.

An effective diesel fuel additive is often needed for drivers who are between vehicle services and have begun to notice performance issues with their vehicle. These issue can include a slower than normal start from cold, less responsiveness when under way, increased valve noise, a dirtier exhaust emission, and a less powerful Turbocharge response.

Often drivers will mistakenly believe that they have to change major engine parts to resolve the issue or that their exhaust is not functioning correctly. In fact, a sooty build up from used engine oil on the engine parts or a dirty engine are the main causes which a good diesel fuel additive can usually resolve. This is a situation where the symptoms of the car problem mislead drivers. In other situations, where an engine or combustion engine part is failing, these need to be replaced to resolve the performance problem.

What makes a great Best Diesel Fuel Additive – Buyer’s Guide

A great fuel additive for diesel engines is one that can serve many masters with what it can do for the buyer.

In many cases, the product will be able to clean dirty residue from the surface of engine parts, which causes a less smooth mechanical performance known as stiction. This is mainly related to the surface of engine parts which are held back by the build up of burnt engine oil which has left its own residue following engine use.

With the internal parts, a good cleaner can get inside the various parts of engine to clean internally. With a cleaner engine, there are fewer misfires and the sound of the engine will be similar to how it was when the vehicle or commercial equipment was new. Cold starts in the morning, particularly in the winter months, will be more effective too because the engine is not already struggling to perform through a dirty system using contaminated parts.


Another aspect is quality lubrication for engine parts. Once the parts have been cleaned all around, they also can benefit from a lubrication solution that helps the engine move smoothly during operation creating less wear and fewer reasons for the engine to stutter, stumble or stop unexpectedly. Such a lubrication can sometimes be included with the make up of a product or it can be purchased separately. Lubrication is the final stage to the process of resolving stiction and cleaning the engine.

Better fuel consumption is completely possible when an engine is not struggling to perform. Engines have to work harder, burning through more diesel, when they’re already unclean systems. In fact, this process of having to push harder to generate sufficient power actually only serves to make the engine parts even more dirty from being overworked. A vicious cycle that can be resolved by taking care of the engine properly outside of the servicing period.

A good fuel additive doesn’t require that the buyer use all the solution to clean when filling up the tank. In many cases, a diesel fuel additive product can be added to 30 gallons of diesel fuel to help clean the engine extensively while running through the fuel and still have half the additive container left unused

It is also important to know that a fair amount of driving is required in order to use up 30 gallons of fuel. Therefore, the cleaning process is not going to lead to an overnight result. For this reason, the performance improvements will come over time and mostly once the treated diesel fuel has been fully used up. At that point, the engine will be cleaner, the various engine parts firing as they should, and any applied fuel additive will be evident in the purring of the engine.


Best Diesel Fuel Additive – Full Review

The Hot Shot’s Secret DDD Diesel Oil and Fuel Additive is our best diesel fuel additive category winner.

Hot Shot's Secret DDD Diesel Oil and Fuel Additive

Reduced Frictional Drag & Lifter and Valve Noise

The product itself is actually a bundle of two Hot Shot products, namely the Hot Shots Secret Stiction Eliminator and the Hot Shots Secret Diesel Extreme. The reason these products have been bundled together is because they help tackle several different issues with diesel engines through a two-step process of first using the Stiction Eliminator product, and then the Diesel Extreme product, in this order. It is not suggested that the owner of the diesel engine use the products in the opposite order or at the same time.

Both the Stiction Eliminator and Diesel Extreme products are only for diesel engines and must not be used on gasoline engines. These fuel additive liquids can be used on a variety of diesel based engines, including ones inside cars, vans, trucks, tractors, generators, and machinery that also uses diesel engines to create power. The products both support power stroke systems, which makes them suitable for engines where high pressure oil has been used and can build up as dirty deposits surrounding the injectors.

71yyuzLrccL._SL1000_The Hot Shots Secret Stiction Eliminator is designed to get rid of stiction with diesel engines and the parts inside the engine system. Stiction is caused by the dirty residue created from engine oil that converts to a sticky substance which covers parts of the engine after the oil has been used. This sticky substance causes friction and slows down the easy movement of engine parts during their operation. The Stiction Eliminator aims to resolve this issue by removing the residue that has built up. Without removing this problem, cold starts often lead to a jerky, unsettled driving experience until the engine warms up and black smoke being seen coming from the exhaust.

The Stiction Eliminator was originally designed for trucks, but it is applicable for major diesel engines in cars, trucks, SUVs and other diesel engines used in commercial machinery too. The formula for the product includes a number of detergents that act to remove the overheated oil residue coming from coking and results in something akin to a varnish over the top of engine components that is especially tough to remove manually. Some dispersant materials are also included in the product to help safely break down residue that has been removed from the surface of engine components so it can be dissolve safely.

Stiction itself is actually the cause of many injectors that eventually fail due to clogging. It is possible that owners of vehicles with diesel engines take a vehicle in to replace some of the injectors, when, in fact, the injectors are perfectly fine and just in need of the oil residue being removed and dispersed properly. Once the Stiction Eliminator has been applied and over 4,000 miles of mileage has been added (to fully deal with the stiction in the engine system), drivers will be able to experience the difference first hand.

The second product in the bundle is the Hot Shots Secret Diesel Extreme fuel additive. What is the difference between both products? That’s easy. The Stiction Eliminator addresses the part of the engine that the oil moves around, whereas the Diesel Extreme deals with cleaning the engine where the diesel fuel is used.

Increasingly, fuel injectors are subjected to higher temperatures with more modern diesel engines seeing pressure at the tip of the injectors hitting 26,000 psi compared to 1,200 psi in older diesel engine builds. This added heat and friction burns through engine oil creating layers of additives and oil oxidation. This can build up in the injectors and eventually stop them functioning altogether.

The Diesel Extreme product is a detergent and cleaning fuel additive which performs a number of key uses within a diesel engine system.

One of the main benefits is that the injectors, lines and tanks get a thorough cleaning. The diesel fuel can also be stabilized and whether using regular diesel fuel or a bio fuel mix, this fuel additive is safe to use specifically in diesel engines. The Cetane number can also be increased with the engine post-cleaning able to handle a faster combustion speed with the fuel used.

Any water build up in and around the engine can be removed using the Diesel Extreme product too.

The cleaning detergents have five benefits: Cetane booster, metal removal, fuel stabilizer, rust and corrosion preventer, and detergent/dispersant. The approach with this product is focused initially on effective cleaning to give the engine the best performance, and then improving it using the Cetane booster and smooth engine operation. Few diesel fuel additive products on the market offer this combination successfully, mostly focusing on the more sexy boosting aspect and neglecting the necessary cleaning first.

The lines and tank are coated to avoid rust and subsequent corrosion. The fuel injectors and the fuel pump are also lubricated to avoid fast wear. These are nice extras are not seen in all products in the category.

Overall, this is the winner in the best fuel additive category, because it provides two solutions in one bundle. Vehicle and commercial equipment owners are likely to make enough cost savings in fuel consumption alone to cover the cost of this type of maintenance.


Best Diesel Fuel Additive for the money – Full Review

The Stanadyne Diesel Performance Formula is a complete system for removing dirty deposits built up when oil resulting from the high pressure used in modern diesel engines leaves a residue as a byproduct of that process. Deposits can be moved from the main parts of the engine, including the pumps, injectors, nozzles, and other parts, with the aid of a fuel additive cleaner.


Cleans and Protects Injectors and Other Components

The Cetane number relates to the diesel fuel combustion speed and this number effectively drops when the engine system is dirty and not operating well. One benefit of using the Stanadyne Diesel Performance Formula product is that it can help increase the Cetana number, which, in turn, allows the use of higher Cetane fuels which ignite faster. This leads to quicker starting times from a cold start.

619oTogPdlL._SL1054_The combustion system is slowed down with dirty oil deposit residue which gets into the injectors and can eventually shut them down. When clogged up, they simply cannot inject fuel into the system, which denies the engine what it needs to deliver its best performance. Cleaning an engine with the Diesel Performance Formula resolves this issue nicely, increasing the horsepower accessible to the driver of the vehicle, improving acceleration times back nearer to factory specifications, adding lost torque, and reducing the instances of engine stall, sputtering and other problems when idling.

With a cleaner engine and higher performance, fuel consumption is improved when using this product, typically by between 4 – 9 percent. The improvement varies depending on the make and model of the vehicle, and how much capacity was wasted due to stiction and contaminated or clogged up engine parts which was affecting fuel efficiency.

Whilst not being a fuel additive intended to treat cold and winter weather conditions, i.e. anti-freeze, this Standyne product actually does improve both the diesel pour point and the cold filter plug point nonetheless. There is an anti-gel formula designed for winter that is included. The added protection of engine parts from corrosion and rust also has a bearing in colder and wetter conditions, particularly when the vehicle is stored outside a warmer, covered home garage environment.

For vehicles with dirty exhausts emitting an unusually high amount of smoke than normal, the particulates in the engine area can be the cause. Cleaning the engine using the Diesel Performance Formula is a good way to see if this resolves the dirty exhaust issue before taking a vehicle in for a more in depth inspection by a mechanic, which can be quite costly especially when the real cause is uncertain. Beyond that, being able to clean up a smoking exhaust problem, other than pleasing the neighbors, will also ensure the vehicle is not cited for contravening regulated exhaust emission levels.

Water can also be a type of containment to an engine which can cause rust and other issues affecting smooth engine operation. One nice benefit to this product is that it handles unwanted water in the engine area particularly well. There is a demulsifier included in the product’s mixture that isolates water to make it possible to expel it before it causes internal damage to the diesel engine or associated systems.

A fuel mixture of up to 20 percent bio fuel is acceptable when using this category winner. This is also the limit where water can be successfully removed. Lubricity can be added to low sulfur diesel fuels that some diesel engines find difficult to accept. The increased lubricity will help to reduce the level of corrosion that these types of diesel fuels can cause on diesel engines not designed to accept them. There is also no alcohol used in the product to avoid any unwanted corrosive effects on the engine parts.

The typical dosage is just under 7 ounces per 30 gallons of diesel fuel. The mixture takes some time to become effective in a vehicle that can be driven because a considerable number of miles needs to be added to use up 30 gallons of fuel. As such, depending on usage, a noticeable improvement in smooth engine performance, better fuel consumption, and a cleaner exhaust will become evident over time rather than in the very short term.

Overall, the Stanadyne Diesel Performance Formula is our best diesel fuel additive for the money, because it offers excellent value.


Best Diesel Fuel Additive on a budget– Full Review

The Power Service Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost is an advanced cleaner, booster and lubricator that wins our budget category based on both features and price.

Power Service 03080-06 +Cetane Boost Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive

Cleans dirty injectors and prevents injector sticking in all engines, including High Pressure Common Rail systems

One of the main focuses of this product is to clean oil residue that builds up in the injectors and around other engine component parts. This is typically due to extreme heat and high pressure that burns through oil leaving a residue that eventually can gum up the works. Injectors can literally stick and cause problems with a loss of horsepower right when it is needed, leading to misfires and also slower than expected cold starts.

41q1PDjz40LWhat helps with cold start issues is to raise the Cetane number, which relates to what level of Cetane in diesel fuel can be accepted. A higher number means shorter ignition delays when first starting off. This number falls when engines aren’t properly maintained. This product can push the Cetane number up as many as 6 levels, depending on how low it has fallen from its peak level. This can fix slow starts from traffic lights, from the drive-way, and improves overall power throughput.

Fuel economy is especially important to drivers who wish to keep their fuel bills down in their vehicle. With a cleaner engine, it isn’t pushed as hard to deliver more power and this results in fuel savings of up to 8 percent. This is enough to easily offset the low cost of this budget diesel fuel additive.

The fuel additive is compatible with diesel exhausts from 2007 onwards, bio diesel, a blend of bio diesel, and also low sulfur diesel that sometimes causes issues for drivers. The product can be used on any diesel engines, which includes tractors, generators and other equipment that uses diesel instead of gasoline fuel. It is good to see that such an inexpensive product can be used with so many different kinds of diesel engines without needing to buy a specialized product.

Lubrication is an important aspect of getting the highest performance out of any engine. The Power Service Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost product also has a lubricant included that will protect injectors, pumps and other engine component parts.

The Diesel Kleen product can be used throughout the year, yet is hasn’t been treated with any anti-gel mixture to winter-ize this fuel additive. It is not a replacement for anti-freeze or other product designed to help freezing fuel lines and other cold weather related issues.

The shelf life of the product is at least 12 months and commonly buyers will use a full bottle in 4-6 months when they feel a course of treatment for their engine would be beneficial.

One possible downside with this product is that it doesn’t have a separate product just for stiction. It is trying to be a cleaner, a booster and a lubricant all-in-one solution. Some drivers of diesel vehicles may prefer a more expensive product, or several, to separate out the separate cleaning, boosting and lubricating duties. The winner in our best diesel fuel additive category, Hot Shot’s Secret DDD Diesel Oil and Fuel Additive, includes both the Stiction Eliminator and the Diesel Extreme products in their bundle. These products are available for sale separately too, but when used as a bundle need to be applied individually for the best results.

The Power Service Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost fuel additive is our best diesel fuel additive on a budget, because it delivers many useful features at a bargain price for budget minded diesel users.

Other Considerations

A good diesel fuel additive is one that does what the customer requires of the product. In some cases, like with the Hot Shot’s Secret DDD Diesel Oil and Fuel Additive product, there is both a stiction cleaner, which removes dirty residue covering the parts causing a sluggish engine performance, and a cleaner which improves fuel consumption, delivers better cold starts, and other benefits.

In other cases, a product will be focused primarily on the detergent cleaner aspects to resolve dirty engines to bring their top horsepower back under the control of the driver, improve fuel consumption by 5-8 percent, and reduce the need to replace engine parts down the line.


Some fuel additives will also act as lubricants to create a layer over the top of the parts to ensure they do not suffer from undue wear which will cause the parts to need to be replaced more often and the vehicle out of action for longer than desirable. Other products do not include a lubricant and this would need to be purchased separately should the customer still require that function.

A separate point to this for diesel engine owners to note is that a lubricant solution does not remove dirty deposits that are causing stiction (a stickiness) with an engine. Furthermore, a lubricant will not clean the inside of an engine or its associated parts or remove dirty residue from injectors that are clogging them up causing misfires and lower performance. A lubricant can, therefore, be mistakenly used as cure all to get engine parts moving better, whilst temporarily covering up the root cause of the problem with a dirty engine. Lubricants for an engine should be thought of as the final step to improve engine performance and only that.

We make note of this clearly in this best diesel fuel addictive review because it is a point that many drivers and operators of diesel-based equipment fail to understand correctly.

With a diesel fuel additive, it is performing several duties in one. Stiction is something to deal with on the one hand, and a solid cleaning product for the rest of the engine internals is another area of focus. Lubrication is an added extra that some products in this category include with their cleaning solutions too.

Whether the buyer wishes to deliberately separate out the removal of stiction from the more general cleaning of the engine is one decision to make. It also may be possible to buy a better engine lubricant than is included as part of these diesel fuel additive products. However, for bundled or all-in-one solutions, we firmly believe these are the best diesel fuel additives available.


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